My week in colour with

Lauren Laverne

Broadcaster, DJ, model, TV presenter, author, mum… Lauren Laverne has more strings to her bow than we’ve got Bretons. Here, she talks us through her week in colour and reveals a rainbow of wisdom.


Sunday nights are all about prep – I like to get everything ready for the week ahead, so I can go into Monday feeling as prepared as possible. When it’s done, I can relax with a curry and a glass of wine before the madness ensues.


I love wearing green. It’s supposed to be lucky, which I don’t really believe in, but I guess it doesn’t hurt. Being pale and blonde, I feel like I really need colour – something bright and fun – otherwise I just look like a piece of paper. I’m from the ‘pile it on’ school of colour – having lots of it in my working wardrobe helps me keep that optimistic frame of mind, and gives me the confidence that, whatever the week throws at me, I’m going to be ready for it. 

I’m from the “pile it on” school of colour’

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Every music lover needs a great local record shop. We live near Audio Gold in Muswell Hill, and love it in there. I think it’s really important to support small, independent businesses if you can – plus, they have a dog, Huxley, so I’m always up for a visit.


A good pair of jeans is a must when I’m running errands – I love the straight-leg cut of this pair. They work really well with the classic Breton – a Boden staple that’s so versatile. A yellow blazer really sharpens everything up. I shied away from them previously, but now I embrace them, as they give my outfit a bit of edge.

Boden colours and prints just make you happy. And that’s what getting dressed should be about; it should be fun.

‘Boden colours and prints just make you happy’

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One of my favourite local neighbourhood spots is Korto – they do the best breakfast in the world. It’s a really nice place to take my laptop, whether I’m planning radio shows or researching an interview. Working from home can sometimes get lonely, so it’s nice to come and watch the world go by.


Whatever I wear has to be adaptable enough to go from being on-air, to picking the kids up from school, to meeting up with friends. I try to hit the dressed-up, dressed-down sweet spot, and this combo is the perfect wear-all-day outfit. I mean, seriously, who doesn’t love a stripe? They go really well with this gorgeous green skirt, which is so easy to wear and SO comfy, so I know that whatever the day throws at me, this will work.

‘Seriously… who doesn’t love a stripe?’

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My ideal evening outfit is something I can wear to the pub then on to the cinema afterwards – that’s my dream night out. This skirt and jumper would be perfect for that, but could also take me somewhere a little fancier. I definitely wouldn’t need to run home and get changed.

Red and pink is one of my favourite combinations. If you’re ever nervous about wearing two bright colours together, just think of it as a dress. There’s nothing like colour to guarantee compliments from other people. I’m quite fond of a pleasant clash.

‘I’m quite fond of a pleasant clash’

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I like to dress down on a Friday because I’m heading into the weekend and I’m ready to have my cosy things on. This jumper feels like a big hug – it’s cheerful, super cosy and I love the yellow in the knit; it goes really well with this gorgeous, checked Boudica coat.

You can get your hands on this coat from 9th September.

I usually start my weekend with a long dog walk that hopefully ends in a pub lunch – it’s so nice to get some fresh air and see friends. I live next to Alexandra Palace, which is a really special place for me. It’s the home of British broadcasting, and they’ve just reopened their theatre, which has been derelict for almost 100 years.

I think colour can make your day. If I see someone walking down the street who’s wearing a great outfit with a pop of brightness, I’ll make a point of telling them they look fantastic. It’s important to do that – spread the colour love.

‘Colour can make your day’


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