Image de HRH The Queen Elizabeth

Started in the ‘40’s now
we’re here.

The tea dress is back again. Yes, it’s been here a few times before but the fact it never truly goes away is ideal. Why? Because no matter how many times it’s a fashion editor’s ‘must-have’, it’s never not relevant.

Back in nineteen-forty-something, HRH Queen Elizabeth probably didn’t think that her casual, but obviously elegant, tea dress would be pored over as a major trend in 2021…but, as you can see, with its V-neckline, waist-skimming silhouette and easy charm, it’s understandable.

The tea dress, which started off its design life as ‘this old thing’ designed to be worn, quite literally, for tea – is pretty great. So great, in fact, that they’re now selling like hot cakes and Liz is serving up some serious style inspiration.