It’s time to pick up a jacket you won’t put down

In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s our birthday. As such we’ve trawled the design archives and cherry-picked some of our favourite styles from catalogues past which we’re pretty confident you’ll be wearing for years to come. Here’s where our magpie-eye landed this month…

Ready to have your mind blown a bit?

Corduroy, that sturdy cloth that’s clad dad legs for generations, actually originates from Ancient Egypt. It evolved into the ridged version we recognise today in 19th century industrial Manchester, as it was ideal for withstanding factory work – and in some parts of Europe, cord is actually called Manchester. Since then, it’s been worn by the WWII Women’s Land Army and Wes Anderson alike, boasting practical and indie credentials respectively.

Right, so why is it cool now?

Because – mic drop – it’s never not cool. “The cord blazer is such a British classic,” says Hollie from our design team. “Because it’s hardwearing, it stands the test of time and has become a modern icon of the 21st century.” It really does tick every box, though. Bohemian? In spades. Bookish? Of course. British? You bet. For ’70s flavour, throw it on with something flared or flounced (jeans and floral dresses should do the trick). It loves hanging out with frilled collars and knits, too. And thanks to its moreish hue – “the colour of ginger biscuits” according to the design team – it’s neutral enough to pair with plenty of prints. Enjoy.

“Our new blazer has patch pockets and a mega lapel to make it feel relevant for our 2021 wardrobes.”
-Hollie, Boden design team

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