Raise a glass to the
real stars of Christmas

For most of us, Christmas Day is all turkey, tinsel and too much TV, but for those on the healthcare frontlines, the reality is very different. So we threw a party for doctors and nurses to say thank you for their amazing work, not just at Christmas, but all year round. (We threw in some stylish surprises too...)

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‘I want to look WOW’

Nadine Davison, sister

‘This Christmas, I'm working nights for the whole festive period,’ says Nadine Davison, a sister in a south London hospital. ‘In my department, every member brings a different platter of food and we put on a big spread in the staff room. I don’t mind though. The best thing about my job is seeing how resilient people are.

‘If I wasn’t working, I’d be doing a lot of festive drinking and mince-pie eating. I only get one weekend off in seven, so I like my partywear to have the wow factor. This outfit makes me feel confident and sexy, but I’m also really comfortable, so I can eat all the mince pies I like.’

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‘I love to get overdressed’

Dr Katrina Sheikh,
acute medical registrar

‘My job means I’m on the frontline of the hospital in A&E, diagnosing patients with serious conditions and managing their care,’ says Dr Katrina Sheikh, from London. ‘I’ve worked Christmas and New Year for the last three years, so I can’t wait to spend it with my family this year.

‘I’m half Polish, so the big day for me is actually Christmas Eve. My family and friends will come over, I’ll have a snowball, and make Pierogi with my mum. Then, on Christmas Day, we’ll have the big traditional lunch. I like to get overdressed at Christmas and I love old glamour, so this outfit is perfect. It not only makes me feel confident, but very elegant, which is important to me.’

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‘I’m not just a mum’

Rosyane Linton, nurse

‘I tend to work on Christmas Eve, spend Christmas Day with my husband and children, and then celebrate with family and friends on Boxing Day,’ says Rosyane Linton, a nurse at London’s Chelsea & Westminster hospital. ‘We don’t dress up; for us it’s all about being as chilled and comfortable as possible, which means pyjamas!

‘When I do need to get glammed up for a party, I need something that makes me feel good. I’m not just a mum or a nurse – I want to feel confident and pretty. This outfit does that.’

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Joe Blunden,
patient experience manager

Dr Katie Rogerson,

‘We’ve had a Christmas No.1’

‘The Christmas period is so tough for NHS staff,’ says patient experience manager Joe Blunden. ‘So me and my friend, Katie Rogerson, run a social media campaign to celebrate healthcare workers. We get celebrities to send in videos and messages of support to boost morale and, in 2015, we even got our staff choir to Christmas No.1.’

‘Christmas is an amazing time on the children’s wards,’ says paediatrician Katie. ‘The paramedics give out presents, Santa Claus does the ward round and we sing carols. We sometimes get Christmas dinner from the hospital or we create our own Henry VIII-style international banquet. And I wear red with festive-themed everything.’

‘This jumper I’m wearing now is the cosiest thing that I’ve ever worn in my life. I’ll definitely wear this on Christmas Day this year,’ says Joe. ‘I love this look,’ continues Katie. ‘Ideally I’d wear it on the wards for ever and ever but, failing that, I’ll wear it to every Christmas party.’

‘I love a bit of sparkle’

Cara Leghan, cardiology auditor

‘I work within the cardiology department, making sure heart-attack patients have the best-quality care,’ says Cara Leghan, from Leicestershire. ‘My go-to Christmas outfit is always a dress – I love a bit of sparkle. This one feels really glamorous.’

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‘It’s about people, not presents’

Dr Tom Jackson, trauma and orthopaedic surgical registrar

‘This year, I’ll be starting at 8am on Christmas morning and finishing lunchtime Boxing Day,' says Tom Jackson, a trauma and orthopaedic surgical registrar in London. ‘If I’m not operating, I’ll go round and say hello and Happy Christmas to the patients. Working in the NHS has shown me how much people value time with their loved ones during the festive season. That’s what people care about and remember – not so much the presents or the food.’

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‘We’ll sing carols on the wards’

Petrina Pottinger, IT project manager

‘I’m part of the Lewisham & Greenwich NHS choir, and we’re hoping to sing carols on the wards for the patients this year,’ says IT project manager Petrina Pottinger. ‘This outfit makes me feel glamorous, confident… and just happy.’

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‘I’ll be in my PJs till noon’

Rumer Gray, senior staff nurse

‘I’ve worked Christmas quite a lot in the past, but I have a few days off this year,’ says A&E nurse Rumer Gray. ‘I’ll probably be in my pyjamas till noon on Christmas Day, as I’m usually a bit hungover. Then I’ll put on this amazing jumpsuit with my apron and cook our Christmas dinner, glass of prosecco in hand.’

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‘An early Christmas is as good as the real thing’

Dr Sam Witcombe,
junior doctor

‘I spend the majority of December in a festive jumper, but on Christmas Day I tend to go a bit fancier, so this is perfect,’ says Dr Sam Witcombe, from Reading.

‘Last year, my housemates – who are also junior doctors – and I had an early Christmas on a day when none of us were working. We cooked a big Christmas dinner, did some carol singing, then had friends round for drinks. It was definitely as good as the big day.’

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