Mini Missions

Put those trusty imaginations to work with creative activities to do at home.

Mission one: Build a theatre

Set the stage, assemble your animal actors and put on a performance the family will never forget.

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Mission two: Adventures with the animals

As Minis everywhere do battle against the troublesome forces of boredom, one imaginative activity booklet marches into the fray...

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Mission three: Art class

Colour-code the pencil crayons and prepare the easel/table/floor because we’re making an Easter masterpiece.

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Mission four: Nature box

Treasures from the natural world are hiding everywhere. Create a fancy display box to show off your findings.

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Mission five: Harry Potter spells

We know you’re not technically supposed to use magic outside of school, but we won’t tell if you don’t…

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Mission six: Remix our prints

Colour our prints in to make a design you’d love to wear. Just remember to stay inside the lines or Johnnie Boden will want to have a word.

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Mission seven: Harry Potter quizzes

Every young witch and wizard must take these magic exams, but if they’ve done their Harry Potter homework they’ll probably just quite enjoy them.

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Look what’s just flown in: our new limited-edition collection. Discover magical prints and some very familiar animal appliqués.

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