Say hello to the shoes you won’t be taking off anytime soon

Sure, proper shoes have taken a backseat over the past year, with practicality and park strolls reigning supreme – but there’s no reason to rush for the heels straight away. Just as we’ve come to appreciate the flex of new working routines, so should we embrace the appeal of footwear that genuinely allows us to do all the living we’ve been craving.

 They may or may not make you go faster, but they’ll definitely save you a ton of time getting ready each day. Make dresses less dressy and dial-up your denim. The perfect trainer – in this case our new Chevron style – enables you to look great en route as well as when you get there. Where are you going?

There’s a reason that off-duty models are usually clad in their well-worn trainers: comfort is cool, and cool is key. They know how to do both.