We’re all about making sure you look like you know what’s going on trend-wise, without being faddy. These white shirts are true contemporary classics, guaranteed to take you from ‘so hot right now’ status to ‘thanks, I’ve had it for years’ in the future.

The ruffled one

If this shirt could speak, it would probably do it in rhyming couplets. Use a bit of poetic licence and make your denim look a lot more highbrow than it actually is. The stand-up collar will elongate your neck, while the pin-tuck pleats lengthen your torso, so leave the top buttons open for maximum effect.

The big collared one

On its own this blouse is pretty personified. Worn under jumpers, dresses, dungarees and more? It’s an on-trend game changer. Even better, a large collar balances out your proportions elsewhere, and makes your shoulders appear narrower. Clever, eh?

The broderie one

Think prairie (without the little house and many siblings). This style looks smashing in a meadow, but also loves a café if your life features more flat whites than wildflowers. And you know how a busy print blurs and smooths? Well, a busy broderie and well-placed trims do the exact same thing. The power of distraction.