5 families share their matching
styles (and smiles)

What’s chic, laid-back and works whether you’re 19 or 90? Nope, this isn’t an awful dad joke. We’re talking about the Breton. To show you how endlessly wearable this stripy staple is, we enlisted the help of five lovely families. Get acquainted below.

Firefighter by day, dad by night – Yung, along with his wife Alana, is always on the go. Read on as Alana shares their favourite family tradition (spoiler alert: It’s mega cute).

What does ‘me time’ look like for you?
Having a shower and going to the toilet without an audience (the children).

What is the funniest thing your children do?
They both like to shake their bottoms singing to the intro of Mr. Sandman by The Chordettes (don’t ask).

Are you a fan of matching?
Yes – particularly on Christmas day. It has become a tradition to wear matching PJs during this time of year – it’s fun and the children love it. Seeing them both in matching outfits always makes our hearts burst.

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Proof that France doesn’t own the rights to chic dressing.

White jeans were a definite no-no when Elijah was a toddler, but now he’s all grown up (9, BTW), they’re very much back on the agenda. Get to know our mother-son duo below.

How would you describe your parenting style?
Playful, calm and fair but firm.

What are you proudest of having got through in the past 18 months?
We survived home-schooling. And I managed to get through my first year of my forensic science degree.

What was your favourite outfit as a child?
I’m a ‘90s child and I had this amazing disco outfit – a white top with puffed sleeves and a skirt that had a circle pattern. When I used to spin around it would puff out like a godet skirt. When you’re a young girl, a skirt that puffs out is the best thing ever.

What would you wear Bretons with instinctively?
During summer, espadrilles.

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Some trivia for you: Kelly has always had a thing for stripes… In her younger years, her favourite outfit was her rainbow stripy trousers and matching top. Now she’s all grown up, her style has taken a sophisticated turn.

What kind of things did your parents wear when you were growing up?
My mum had this bright red snood, I remember being horrified each time she turned up to school in it. Looking back, it was probably kind of cool and fashionable. My dad had a long leather coat – he looked like someone out of The Matrix.

Do your children get to choose what they wear?
Jenson can choose items when we’re out shopping, I feel it’s important that children can express themselves through fashion early on.

Elsie pulls everything out from drawers and tries to put it all on, including her brother’s pants.

How do you think your partner would describe your style?
Fun, quirky and colourful.

As if matching Bretons wasn’t enough, these guys love to rock matching PJs. Now that’s what we call family goals. Stick with us as Gabriella explains how she keeps her personal style going strong.

Do you have any family rituals?
The children very rarely sleep through, at least one of them ends up in our bed. If they both sleep in their beds all night, they get pancakes in the morning. It’s only happened about 10 times in the last two and a half years.

How has your style changed since becoming a parent?
I don’t think it has changed very much, my dresses are a few inches longer for practical reasons, but I try not to change how I dress – even if that means getting chocolatey hands all over white tops.

What would your children wear every single day if they could?
Kaia would wear her fairy costume and Mason would probably dress as a dinosaur.

How do you find Boden Bretons?
I love them, they always give me a chic, Parisian vibe or a nautical feel, which is a very classic look.

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Fun fact: cousins Simone (right) and Sinead (left) are so in-sync that they even wear matching coats. Read on to see how they define their style.

Who has more clothes?
Any outrageous statistics to share?
Sinead has two full wardrobes AND her mum’s attic. Getting ready playlist? What’s on it? Loads of 90s R&B and plenty of hip-hop. Cardi B is a must if we’re road tripping.

What do you want your clothes to do for you?
Simone: Hug my figure and be stylish. Sinead: Be flattering and comfortable.

What kind of things did your mum wear when you were growing up? Simone: Dungarees, polka dots and stripes.
Sinead: Shoulder pads, long tops and leggings.

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Striking the balance between smart and casual? Never been so easy.

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