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Below is a list of additional products that are also excluded from all offers:

Excluded Products

Product code

Product name

A0949 MUL Cowshed 2020 Advent Calendar
A0950 MUL Cowshed Bathing Set
A0955 MUL Cowshed Body Lotion Shot
A0954 MUL Cowshed Cosy Votive Candle
A0828 MUL Cowshed Hand & Body Soap
A0858 MUL Cowshed Hand Spray 100ml
A0952 MUL Cowshed Mood Discovery Set
A0967 MUL Cowshed Pause & Unwind Treats
A0826 MUL Cowshed Refresh Handcare Duo
A0953 MUL Cowshed Relax & Sleep Treats
A0951 MUL Cowshed Winter Candle
C1066 IVO Cowshed® Baby Set
A0897 MUL Cowshed® Calming Essentials
A0900 MUL Cowshed® Candle 220g - Indulge
A0901 MUL Cowshed® Candle 220g Replenish
A0902 MUL Cowshed® Hand Spray 200ml
A0898 MUL Cowshed® Indulge Soap
A0894 MUL Cowshed® Little Treats- Body
A0895 MUL Cowshed® Little Treats- Face
A0681 MUL Cowshed® Manicure Kit
C1067 IVO Cowshed® Mother To Be Set
A0680 MUL Cowshed® Pedicure Kit
A0896 MUL Cowshed® Refresh Hand Cream 50
A0899 MUL Cowshed® Signature Hand & Body
A0918 GLD Goddess Charms Creativity
A0916 GLD Goddess Charms Love
A0913 GLD Goddess Charms Protection
A0919 MET Goddess Charms Rose Quartz
A0920 GRY Goddess Charms Smoky Quartz
A0914 GLD Goddess Charms Sun
A0917 GLD Goddess Charms Vision
A0915 GLD Goddess Charms Warrior
M0656 NVY Non-Medical Face Covering
C0935 MUL Non-medical Face Coverings 3pk
C0936 MUL Non-medical Face Coverings 3pk
A0921 NAV Yoga Mat
J0821 NVY Hattie Jersey Dress
J0821 PNK Hattie Jersey Dress
J0819 GRY Isabella Ponte Shift Dress
T0724 BBL Jemima Linen Jumpsuit
T0724 ORG Jemima Linen Jumpsuit
W0689 PNK Josephine Midi Dress
W0705 GRN Kitty Midi Shirt Dress
W0705 IVO Kitty Midi Shirt Dress
W0708 BLU Laurie Linen Dress
W0708 IVO Laurie Linen Dress
W0708 PPK Laurie Linen Dress
W0691 CIT Leonie Embroidered Linen Dress
W0691 WHT Leonie Embroidered Linen Dress
J0840 BBL Mabel Sweatshirt Dress
J0840 MGR Mabel Sweatshirt Dress
J0840 NAV Mabel Sweatshirt Dress
W0588 CIT Mischa Belted Dress
W0588 GRN Mischa Belted Dress
W0588 IVO Mischa Belted Dress
W0588 NAV Mischa Belted Dress
J0614 BLK Sienna Jersey Maxi Dress
J0614 BLU Sienna Jersey Maxi Dress
J0614 NAV Sienna Jersey Maxi Dress
J0614 NVY Sienna Jersey Maxi Dress