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The Mini fashionistas (AKA the Mini-istas) are a snazzy-dressing bunch who we invited to Boden HQ to take over as stylists for the day. After raiding our new range, they picked a whole hoard of colourful outfits. Start scrolling to see their creations…

Amelia, aged 4

Amelia channelled sunshine and rainbows with her outfit. She started with a fun bomber jacket and paired it with multi-coloured stripes and a large yellow hoodie for an extra dose of colour.

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Here’s what the grown-ups picked…

Ernest, aged 6
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We think this outfit rules. Ernest tucked socks into his trousers… which were so bright he needed to add sunglasses. Luckily, these comfy joggers have got plenty of pockets for him to pop his shades in later.

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Here’s what the grown-ups picked…

Celestine, aged 10

We think a new sport might have just been invented. Celestine decided to combine rugby and rollerblading with pops of neon. This outfit wins extra style points by matching the soft cotton rugby shirt with tights and a skirt.

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Here’s what the grown-ups picked…

Kate, aged 9
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What to wear with star jeans? A star shirt, of course. Kate doubled up on stars and went for a twist finish on the shirt so it’s like they’re swirling in a galaxy. Outfit officially out of this world.

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Here’s what the grown-ups picked…

Savannah, aged 8

Best snazzy foot forward, please. Savannah opted for leopard-print shoes (for running faster) and contrasting crinkly trousers. By adding a jacket she was ready to go wild outdoors.

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Here’s what the grown-ups picked…

Beau, aged 5
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Beau styled his hoodie on his head (it was just too soft not to) with an oversized shirt that he’s buttoned just at the top for an after-school look.

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