Jeans for EVERY body

There’s something about a good pair of jeans that is so uplifting (literally, in our case) – from supremely flattering shapes to fits that feel like they were made just for you. Seven women from a north London choir put our best-ever denim collection to the test and share their stories of confidence and joy.

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‘Finding great jeans is a game changer’

Jennifer, media company director

‘My life is pretty full on, but the choir helps me de-stress,’ says Jennifer Park, a media company director and mother of three. ‘I can just leave all of my worries at the door. There is no pressure to be the best singer in the world; it’s just about everyone having a laugh.’

When it comes to jeans, Jennifer says finding the right pair is an absolute game changer. ‘A good pair of jeans makes you feel confident about your body – even if you’re not very confident at all. These ones are perfect for every day; the school run, work, the choir… You just chuck them on and you know they’re going to look good.’

Jennifer wears the straight leg jeans in a size 10

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‘I finally feel comfortable in denim’

Gurjinder, business analyst

For Gurjinder Thethi, joining the choir was a way to stay connected to her old school friend, but it’s far from the only reason she keeps going. ‘The choir gives me something else away from work, housework and day-to-day stuff,’ she says. ‘It makes me smile and gives me a sense of belonging.’

Denim has never been something that Gurjinder, a business analyst in London’s bustling Canary Wharf, has felt very comfortable in. ‘I always thought jeans were incarcerating, but I could wear these anywhere. Picking the grandchildren up from school, casual Fridays at work, dressed up in the evening… The fit on my bum is really good, but they’re still modest. They just mould to you.’

Gurjinder wears the skinny jeans in a size 14 

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‘It’s my little secret’

Gemma, head of fundraising

Shortly after having a baby, Gemma Kirk saw an advert for the choir in Enfield Library. She went along and was immediately hooked. ‘I’ve always wanted to sing in a choir,’ says Gemma, who is head of fundraising for a London theatre. ‘At a time when I was feeling lower in confidence, it gave me a real boost.’

Gemma says she’s a real Boden obsessive. ‘I’ve got this secret fetish of reading the Boden catalogue in the bath to relax, after I’ve put the kids to bed,’ she admits. ‘And I love these jeans – I love the Seventies feel of a good flare. They’re so smart and stylish, I can wear them anywhere. Finding your perfect pair of jeans makes you feel on top of the world.’

Gemma wears the flare jeans in a size 12

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‘They keep you looking young’

Julia, media agent

Julia Callard has a 12-year-old daughter and works from home running a media company. ‘I joined the choir because I needed a bit of me-time,’ says Julia. ‘I’m so busy with family, work and everything else… As soon as tea and homework are sorted, I switch off and throw myself into the music. I don’t worry about the next day’s meetings or anything like that. It’s so relaxing.’

Julia wears jeans every day, so she needs a pair that works as hard as she does. ‘As you get older, I think jeans keep you looking young. These wide-legs are amazing – they look really stylish and the waistline is fantastic.’

Julia wears the sailor wide leg jeans in a size 6

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‘The right fit makes you feel 10 times better’

Susan, executive assistant

Susan Aguirré joined the choir in February. ‘When I had my two children, my hobbies went by the wayside. Joining the choir was about doing something that was just for me. Belting out a bit of Britney, Queen or Fleetwood Mac is pure joy. You get such a buzz,’ says the executive assistant. ‘It’s given me back some of the confidence I lost.’

‘I wouldn’t usually go for bootcut jeans, but I’d wear these all the time,’ says Susan. ‘They’re really fitted around my bum and waist. If you get the right fit, it makes you feel 10 times better.’

Susan wears the bootcut jeans in a size 12

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‘The choir gave me my confidence back’

Keeley, dance teacher

She’s not the best singer in the world (her words, not ours) but Keeley Forbes (left and below, right) jumped at the chance to join the choir. ‘After my daughter was born, I needed to make some time for myself,’ she says. ‘I’m usually so tired when I arrive for choir rehearsal but, by the end of it, I feel energised.’

Keeley used to be a professional dancer, but now teaches in a primary school. ‘When I gave up performing, I lost confidence. When I had my children, I lost a little more, but the choir has given me all of that confidence back.

‘I’ve got quite big legs compared to my waist, so I usually find jeans shopping really difficult,’ she says. ‘But Boden has managed to create denim that fits my legs and my waist. It’s amazing.’

Keeley wears the skinny jeans in a size 12

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‘Singing without being ssh-ed is amazing’

Nicky, costume design assistant

For Nicky Treleaven (above, left), joining the choir was about taking back something she had lost. ‘I used to be a singer but, when I became a mum, I didn’t have time for it. I would just sing in the house and my son would say: “Mum, please, stop singing.” So, I decided to join the choir. Singing without being told to be quiet is amazing.

‘I still like to look quite trendy in my jeans,’ says Nicky, a costume design assistant. ‘But now I’m also looking for comfort and a slightly higher waist than I used to wear. These jeans are really comfortable. I can sit down in them without having to hitch them up at the back and they make my legs look longer.’

Nicky wears the straight leg jeans in a size 8

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