Our history

World meet Boden

Johnnie Boden sits down at his kitchen table to design eight pieces of menswear. Boden’s first collection is sold via mail-order catalogue.

Womenswear is fashionably late

Johnnie launches womenswear with vibrant prints and stylish shapes. Wanted: new home for old LBDs.

Mini style, maximum impact

Mini Boden is born. Sorry, these appliqué animals are only suitable for children.

Let’s get digital

‘It will never take off…’ So said Johnnie of the internet. Boden.com launches.

We pack our bags

Boden grabs its passport and heads Stateside, before landing in Germany (2007), Austria (2009), France (2011) and Australia (2014).

Step right in

Our first shop opens in ‘glamorous’ Hanger Green, London.

Baby Boden is born

Boden + rompers = broody.

Boden gets a new top dog

A Jack Russell terrier puppy, Sprout, arrives. Johnnie promptly bursts into tears; Sprout promptly pees everywhere. She later redeems herself by appearing in numerous Mini Boden prints and appliqués.

Flats and fields

Boden launches its jewelled flats and they fly onto your feet. Johnnie Boden takes his wellies to Glastonbury. He rather enjoys being the least cool person there.

Social Climber

We reach 100,000 followers on Instagram.

Two great British brands join forces

The best bits of our womenswear collections launch in five John Lewis department stores across the UK.

The ultimate compliment

Johnnie receives a letter from a customer in America – she has named her child ‘Boden’. That will save a job sewing labels in his clothes then.

Hitting the high street

We open a shop on the King’s Road, followed by one in Westfield White City (2018). Next up? Boden shops nationwide.

Rainbow-haired unicorns spotted in Shanghai

We continue to bring joy to customers around the world with Mini Boden coming to China.

A magical collaboration

Mini Boden meets Harry Potter with a collection of spellbinding styles.