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Shopping Party - Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions are between you, the host(ess) of the shopping party and JP Boden & Co. Limited ("Boden").

By agreeing to host a party, and in consideration for your receiving the commission as agreed for doing so, you agree to the following:

The Boden Shopping Party Recommend a Friend is subject to the following terms and conditions:

1. You will place orders on behalf of your customers either during the party via the internet, or on supplied forms which you must then input onto the Boden system as soon as reasonably practical after the party and at least within forty eight (48) hours after the end of the party. You will use your best endeavours to ensure that all the required details on the form are filled in, including but not limited to bank details and contact information.

2. If the customer orders by filling in a paper form, you will ensure that the credit card details are properly destroyed (by shredding or similar) as soon as they have been uploaded onto the Boden website. This is vital for security and you acknowledge that it is your responsibility to ensure that this is carried out for the protection of your guests.

3. You will ensure that you obtain the consent of all customers to your passing on their details to Boden.

4. You will earn the commission as set out in the email you will receive from Boden. You will not be entitled to receive commission on any items that are returned to Boden. Seventy (70) per cent of the commission shall be paid after all orders made as a result of your party have been received by Boden and you will be paid by Electronic Transfer. This will usually be sent to you within four to six weeks after we have received the orders. Thereafter, the commission will be reconciled against any returns received by Boden (upon which commission shall not be payable) and if there is a balance in your favour when returns have been taken into account, you will be paid for the balance outstanding.

5. You will use the discount codes as notified by you to Boden for the purposes of the party only. You will not disclose these codes to any third party or publish them without Boden's prior written consent.

6. Customers may not claim "Recommend a Friend" credits for members of their own household or using other parties' names. Where a party holder is found to be placing an order for a customer in a name other than the customer’s own, no commission will be paid on that order and the party holder will not be offered future Boden parties. This "Recommend a Friend" scheme is a UK customer offer and does not apply to customers and potential customers outside the UK.

7. You are not entitled to make any representations in respect of Boden's products or business. You will make it clear to customers that you are not an employee of Boden and if they have specific queries or complaints about Boden, you will refer them to Boden Customer Services.

8. You will follow the reasonable instructions of Boden in respect of the products and will take care of them and make them available for collection as notified by Boden to you.

9. You acknowledge that you are holding a private party and that you are responsible for the health and safety of your guests. As this is a commercial activity, you will require adequate public liability insurance (to a minimum of £1 million (one million) or €1 million in the Republic of Ireland). This will protect you, your guests and Boden in the event of an accident at your party. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, unless you specify otherwise (see below), you are confirming that you wish to be specifically included in Boden's public liability policy for your party at a cost of £26.25 (£41 for Republic of Ireland) (including insurance premium tax) per party, which will cover you up to £5 million per occurrence for any legal liability arising from injury or damage to property caused by your negligence'. This sum will be deducted from any commission you earn from the party. Please note that even if you take Boden’s insurance it would be sensible to advise your own insurers of the event as this may be a requirement under your own insurance policy.
If, however, you hold your own public liability insurance to cover the risks of holding such a commercial event (to a minimum of £1 million (one million pounds) or €1 million in the Republic of Ireland), you should inform us of this and you will not be charged an insurance premium. If you are in any doubt about whether your policy will cover your party, we strongly advise you to check this with your insurance company. You agree that you will provide us with evidence of that cover on request.

10. You also agree that you have the right to use the premises where you are holding the party and have the consent of the owner of the premises (where you do not own the premises).

11. You may not charge an entrance fee for entry to the party (unless such fee is for charity and has been approved in advance by Boden).

12. In the event of you cancelling your party within 10 days of it taking place; you agree to receive and store the clothes at the prearranged dates and times.

13. In order that Boden can pay you your commission without deducting tax and national insurance first, we need you to confirm that you will be responsible for your own tax and national insurance contributions. Whilst Boden can't give you tax advice, if you are earning less than the UK tax free personal allowance for the relevant tax year including your Boden commission and any other income, you shouldn't have to worry about paying tax. However if you are a taxpayer, you need to confirm for us that you will include any commission that we pay to you on your tax return. By agreeing to these terms and conditions you are agreeing to one of the following statements;
a) I am not a taxpayer in the UK.
b) I am a taxpayer, and I will include my Boden commission on my self assessment tax return.
and in either case, please pay me my Boden commission without deducting tax and national insurance first.

14. You agree for Boden to pass on your name, address, phone number and email to third parties solely for the purpose of matters relating to the party. Third parties to include other hosts, courier companies and sponsors. If you have any concerns about the sharing of your data in this manner, please contact

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